Police say school staff member's email was hacked

Wilcox Technical High School (WFSB file photo)

Connecticut State Police are investigating after it appears a Meriden staff member’s email address was hacked into on Monday.

On Monday afternoon, police said an email was sent out to a staff member, with the entire staff and students of Wilcox Tech cc’d in the email.

"At first, I thought it was a joke and then I read the email and it was surprising," said Yael Cano, who is a student.

Police said the email made several racist remarks toward the staff member.

Cano said the words in the email definitely don't match the character of his teacher.

"We know that it wasn't the actual teacher because he's a really nice guy. I had him freshman year we all know that he wouldn't say something like that," Cano said.

The email is short but highly offensive making racial remarks against African Americans and Hispanics. The email even names two African American teachers at Wilcox.

“The school did receive some phone calls from parents just concerned for their child's safety. There is no threat or safety concern but just to help put parents (at ease) tomorrow morning during drop off there will be an extra trooper here,” said Wilcox School Resource Officer Trooper Wayne Petralito.

School officials acted quickly, sending an email to students and teachers to explain the hacking.

One mom said she also received a phone call from the school about the racist email.

“Disgusting and inappropriate for someone to do that to the school. The police should take action about that,” said Lety Lazaro.

A spokesperson for Wilcox says: "The email sent today included deeply disturbing, inappropriate, and offensive racial comments that have absolutely no place in our schools. We remain committed to ensuring that all students, educators, and staff have access to safe and supportive learning environments."

Now many are also left wondering if the security of the school's email system is now compromised.

Channel 3 asked both state police and school officials and are waiting for a response.

The incident remains under investigation.

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