WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Authorities continue to search for whoever stole a Waterbury woman's pit bull.

Waterbury Pitbull

Investigators are looking for an 11-month-old pitbull that was stolen from a Waterbury woman Monday.

Thursday, the group Desmond's Army Animal Law Advocates said a $1,000 reward was available for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of whoever was responsible for the theft.

Police said the 11-month-old pit bull, named Sky, was taken on Monday.

"In addition, Army’s Legacy Rescue is offering $300 and the owner is offering $250 [to] make a combined total of $1,550," said Robin Cannamela, president and co-founder of Desmond's Army. "If you can please help to get the word out it would be much appreciated."

According to the dog's owner, Kaylianni Chacon, Sky turns 1 year old on Friday.

A Honda Pilot, possibly burgundy-colored, may have been involved in the theft.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Waterbury police at 203-574-6921.

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Human beings envy, greed, gluttony and selfishness has come to an ALL TIME LOW!!!!

I've lost faith in humanity after the the trumtard exposure of a disgusting cancer festering in the United States.

Greed has taken over every moral compass and its "get what you want by any means" type of lives. Not appreciate what you have and how can you help someone less fortunate, I don't care about you, I want this and your paying for it type of


Was this dog possibly in the Meriden pitbull ring.. that were seized last week

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