FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- Police were seen back at the Farmington home where a man accused of murdering his estranged wife once lived.

On Thursday afternoon, Farmington police were seen at 4 Jefferson Crossing, where Fotis Dulos lived up until his death last week.

Dulos died last Thursday, two days after he initially tried to kill himself inside the garage of his Farmington home.

He’s accused of murdering Jennifer Farber Dulos, whom he was in the middle of a bitter divorce battle with. She hasn’t been seen since last May.

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Since his death, Dulos’ family from Greece has been staying inside the Farmington home.

Thursday, a motion was filed by an attorney for Farber Dulos' mother, Gloria Farber, asking the court to issue an order to prevent any personal property from being removed from the home.

This motion was filed after a moving truck with New York plates was seen at the property and the contents of the home were being put into the truck.

However, at the scene it appeared crews were taking items off the truck and bringing them into the house.

Right now, West Hartford realtor Robert Giuffria is the receiver of the home, however a motion was filed last week to remove him from that position.

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The motion filed Thursday seeks to appoint a temporary administrator for the home, which would protect Fotis Dulos' belongings and the estate itself.

Farber's attorney said there hasn't been any inventory taken of the home.

One of Dulos' attorneys filed a petition in Probate Court late last week for attorney Christopher La Tronica to take over the estate.

Dulos was charged a month ago with murdering Farber Dulos. He was able to post his $6 million bond.

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Since then, he was under strict house arrest at his Farmington home.

One of the reasons the house arrest was so strict was because Dulos was seen removing the memorials to Farber Dulos from just outside his property. A judge ruled that his actions were a violation of the conditions of his release.

Then there was an issue with his bond, leading to an emergency hearing being scheduled for last Tuesday to discuss the matter.

It was reported that the company backing it had concerns over the collateral that was put up. If the bond package fell apart, Dulos could have headed back to prison.

However, Dulos never showed up to the hearing, which prompted Farmington police to perform a well-being check at his house.

That's when they discovered him in his garage with the car running.

After detecting a very faint pulse, he was taken to the University of Connecticut Health Center, then flown to the Jacobi Medical Center in Bronx, NY for its ability to treat carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, Dulos' family was flown in from Greece and he was declared dead by Thursday night.

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He left behind a note in which he maintained his innocence and alluded to an explanation for the reason he dumped bags, which court documents said contained Farber Dulos' DNA, in Hartford.

Fotis Dulos Note

Read the whole note here.

Dulos' attorney, Norm Pattis, vowed to continue the case.

However, it's unclear if the state will allow that to happen.

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Hmmm...shady just like Fotis.


I don't think any of his family should be staying there or moving anything out of the house. His family may be removing evidence. Especially seeing that there are ongoing court appearances.

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