Police warn about coyote sightings near a New Haven park

New Haven Police are warning residents of recent coyote sightings near a park (WFSB)

Coyote concerns in the Elm City.

Those living in New Haven’s Morris Cove neighborhood say they’ve recently spotted a number of coyotes at a popular shoreline park.

For some, that’s causing them to keep their guard up.

Police said they’re getting phone calls, especially since it’s near a park that attracts kids and pets.

But experts say if you leave them alone, they should leave you alone.

Out walking her dog Colby, Linda Cusano says for them, spotting a coyote in New Haven’s East Shore Park is nothing new.

“We see them all the time, they’re just looking to survive, they don’t want anything from you, stay away from them, they don’t want anything to do with you,” said Cusano.

New Haven police say recently, they’ve been getting more calls about sightings throughout the Morris Cove neighborhood.

While it’s still the elm city, East Shore Park and some of the other parks on the outskirts of town, make it feel you’re out in the country.

There’s plenty of wooded spots and marshland, and with that comes those coyotes.

“These are wild animals, they are going to be drawn to food sources, water sources, when it’s hot. People need to be aware not to get anywhere near them,” said Officer David Hartman.

It’s not just New Haven, back in the spring, Clinton reported a number of coyote sightings at its town beach.

While coyotes are most active at night, they could be spotted during the day, during the longer days of summer.

For those who live in the neighborhood, there are some simple steps they recommend.

“Make sure trash cans have lids that lock. If you’re having a picnic, bring everything in, even residue from cooking on the grill,” said Hartman.

They also advise pet owners should keep a close eye on their cats and small dogs.

Cusano says for her, that always means a leash on Colby.

“Always, my yard is fenced in, I go outside with him, I have another dog at home, we go outside, I go outside with them,” said Cusano.

Police stress, if you see a coyote to give them a call so they can alert animal control and DEEP.

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