Boaters reminded of new law, safety tips this National Boating Safety Week


Police are warning Connecticut boaters with the boating season fast approaching.

The Milford Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offered the following tips for "safe, secure, and enjoyable boating season:" Always let someone know you are going out, where you are going and when you plan to return. Wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFDS). The overwhelming majority of drowning incidents occur with persons not wearing PFDs. Make sure they are the appropriate size for the wearer. Have all the necessary Coast Guard required safety gear and make sure it is not expired and in good working order (Flares, Fire Extinguisher, life rings, audible device, PFDS) Do not overload your vessel. Refer to the capacity plate on your particular craft. Invest in a quality VHF radio and do not rely on cell phones for emergency communications. In an emergency, the Coast Guard can almost certainly pinpoint your location with a VHF radio using triangulation from their towers. Cell phone signals can bounce to towers in various parts of the state or even Long Island leading to considerable delays in locating you. Have respect for the water. Coast Guard and local agencies work well together in cases of emergencies but the nature of the marine environment can make response times more difficult in a much more vast area. Do not take unnecessary risks and operate in a safe manner.For more information, click here.

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