(WFSB) – The search for missing mother, Jennifer Dulos, hits the three-week mark on Friday.

Police have scoured New Canaan, Hartford, Farmington, and now Avon, looking for clues.

Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, and his current girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were arrested on tampering with evidence and hindering the prosecution.

One lawyer close to the case says it’s shaping up to look like Troconis may be cleared.

On 99.1 WPLR, attorney Norm Pattis told hosts Chaz and AJ, his client Fotis Dulos had an alibi three weeks ago on the day Jennifer went missing.

He says Fotis was at home, he took a call from Greece, and had meetings.

As for Troconis, Pattis says police have already ruled her out of any foul play in New Canaan.

“My understanding is she has taken a polygraph exam and the question of whether she had any knowledge of any foul play or disposal of evidence, and she satisfied police in that polygraph exam, and she provided an alibi,” Pattis told Chaz and AJ.

Channel 3 dug deeper into what a lie detector test can do in these types of cases and went to a polygraph expert.

Mark Handler says the polygraph measures movement, changes in blood pressure, and sweat gland activity. When it starts, he says the interview subject will be fully prepared.

“All of the questions have been reviewed with you. There are no trick questions on the test,” Handler said.

Handler said there are dozens of questions, which are all yes or no answers. They’re issued 30 seconds apart and they may go through the questions multiple times.

“We try to test on behaviorally descriptive things. What did you see, smell, taste, touch, do? What did you do, not what did you know because knowledge and be contaminated,” Handler said.

While there’s a general standard for how polygraphs are administered, how they’re used in court can vary and hinges on the other evidence that has been gathered.

“It could mean a lot if we had no other evidence,” Handler explained.

Handler says if there’s a lot of evidence, the polygraph, passed or not, might not carry as much weight.

“It would have little information gained to the decision maker, the prosecutor,” Handler said.

He said the accuracy of the polygraph can vary, but typically, they’re 86 percent accurate.

Channel 3 reached out to Pattis to learn more about where the case stands, but were told he’s out of state.

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