WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – Anyone looking to make gaming their livelihood now has options at Post University.

Starting this semester, it’s now offering a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Esports.

When it comes to video games, it truly is Shane Gilbert’s passion in life.

“It makes me happy. I can do it for hours and hours and it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just, it’s like my escape and so, if I can find a way to incorporate that into my everyday life as my job, I’ll never work a day in my life,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert did find a way to do that. He enrolled as one of Post University’s first Gaming and Esports Management majors.

Being in the university’s Malcolm Baldridge School of Business, both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are rooted in business principles. It’s just the focus is in gaming.

Dr. Jeremi Bauer, the school’s dean, says that opens the door to many jobs in the Esports industry.

“You could, you know, go in as an accounting person. You could go in as a marketer, team manager, product manager, Esports coordinator. They’re a myriad of roles at the undergrad and at the grad,” Dr. Bauer said.

It’s that aspect that really attracted Gilbert to Post University.

“I don’t relate to most of the gaming degrees that exist because it’s all programming, game design, or project management and this is the first degree I’ve ever seen that offers something where you can just use a business management savvy degree and apply that to the industry,” Gilbert said.

While the classes right now are all online and students in the programs are still in the introductory phase, Gilbert says seeing the curriculum, he’s confident his dream job is within reach.

“Like an Esports coordinator jobs, where you’re running stuff, you’re planning tournaments, you’re enrolling players, recruiting, I like that aspect of it,” Gilbert said.

Admission at Post University is already taking in applications for those interested in starting the Bachelor’s or Master’s Esports programs in the fall.

If you’re interested in doing so, click here.


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