Powerful overnight storm causes damage, power outages

Storm damage in Waterford. (WFSB)

It was a busy morning for people in southeastern Connecticut as powerful storms blew through the area Wednesday night.

They left a person dead and caused some significant damage.

Several roads were closed and homes were left without power.

Wednesday, wind and heavy rain whipped through parts of New London County both during the day and overnight.

"It was really loud," said Barbara Ferrughelli of Waterford. "Lots of banging against the house. I thought things were coming through the windows."

Ferrughelli said the Wednesday's storms were fast and intense.

"It got dark like night and I looked out the windows and I couldn't see anything. Everything kept going like this."

A day later and she's still cleaning up piles of branches and wood that the wind tossed around in her yard.

Her property wasn't the only place that experienced damage.

Route 213 in Waterford between West Neck Road and Shore Road was closed into Thursday morning because of downed trees and wires. It has since reopened.

"All of the sudden, the streets were covered in broken wood," said Jerry Porter of Waterford.

A massive tree came down onto a home in Waterford and another smashed through a car's windshield in Groton.

At one point on Wednesday night, hundreds of customers in the state were without power.

In New London, fire crews said they responded to nearly 50 calls for help as a result of Wednesday's storms.

By Thursday morning, the buzz of generators could be heard through a number of neighborhoods in Waterford.

Energy crews continued to work on repairs.

People said they returned to work with a long day of cleaning up ahead of them.

"I'm not a meteorologist," Porter said. "But something very interesting happened [Wednesday] through here. [It's a] big mess, but we're lucky. Going without TV and internet for the day isn't the end of the world."

Eversource reported that most of its repairs were complete.

It said it is continuing to work on the areas that are still without power.

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