STORRS, CT (WFSB) - President Joe Biden is coming to Connecticut on Friday for two reasons.

This will be the president's second visit to the state this year. He gave a commencement speech in New London back in May.

According to the White House, he'll be stopping in Hartford to promote his Build Back Better Agenda and "highlight the importance of investing in child care to keep costs down for working families."

President Joe Biden will be in the state Friday.

The visit is supposed to happen sometime in the morning. The White House has kept the exact details of the visit vague for security reasons.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said he is honored to welcome the president.

The focus we are told is expected to be on transportation and childcare, two things the president feels strongly about.

"I suggested in terms the Gold Star Bridge. Only in one direction trucks can go across it. Look at what the means in terms of efficiency. It slows the production of subs. I think he wanted to do childcare. It gives kids a great start in life and it allows their moms and dads to work," said Gov. Lamont.

He'll then head to the University of Connecticut campus in Storrs.

UConn said Biden will join former Sen. Chris Dodd and other dignitaries to mark the dedication of the Dodd Center for Human Rights.

The Dodd Center for Human Rights will serve as an umbrella home for UConn's human rights programs, including The Human Rights Institute (HRI) and Dodd Impact. It had been known as The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center since its opening in 1995, and UConn’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously in August to authorize its dedication as The Dodd Center for Human Rights.

"“We face a new challenge that’s unlike anything we have faced in a generation. There are challenges to democracy all around the world and even at home here," Glenn MItoma, director of the Dodd Center for Human Rights, stated.

Plans are underway to welcome President Biden to Connecticut.

President Clinton was there when the Dodd Center first opened. He later received an award for his work in human rights and social justice and returned to UConn to accept the award in 2015.

“It’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, I won’t be here. I would like to see him. I've never seen a president before," UConn student Jacob Lettick noted.

“UConn is honoring over a half-century of public service of Connecticut’s father and son U.S. senators, Thomas J. Dodd and Christopher J. Dodd, as well as the commitment of the Dodd family to supporting the growth and development of UConn’s widely recognized human rights academic, research, and engagement programs,” said UConn President Dr. Andrew Agwunobi. “We are deeply honored that President Biden is joining us as we dedicate ourselves to extending the Dodd family legacy."

Although the event is open only by invitation, UConn said it will be broadcast on a livestream feed for public viewing.

The university is expecting a couple hundred people at Friday's event. Members of Connecticut's congressional delegation will be here.

Some students, however, have been invited. They are mostly students studying government and human rights.

“I’m deeply grateful to UConn for recognizing me and my family by dedicating The Dodd Center for Human Rights, and I’m honored that my good friend President Biden is joining us to mark this occasion,” Chris Dodd said.

President Joe Biden is coming to Connecticut on Friday for two reasons.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal issued a statement on Tuesday about Biden's visit.

“President Biden’s visit will be a banner day for Connecticut and the Build Back Better Agenda we’re fighting to get through Congress," Blumenthal said. "He’s honoring our state—recognizing values and programs our leaders have long championed. The critically needed investments that the Build Back Better Agenda will make in child care and working families will be a game changer for children, parents, and communities across our state and nation. His visit to the Dodd Center for Human Rights at University of Connecticut will highlight the excellence and value of Connecticut’s public university system, and the valuable work and research being conducted day in and day out. In his visit to Hartford and Storrs, President Biden will see some of the best of what Connecticut has to offer.”

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(32) comments


I read all the comments on Joey here and I have to say, Biden has to be failing every where. Connecticut is a Blue State and Joe is getting hammered on here as he should. Channel 3 was correct in putting Joe's article on the bottom of the active stories. I know it wasn't intentional though. Oversight most likely.

Let's Go Brandon!


Will the UCONN Dairy Bar be closed all day?


The child king and the old white man getting together to discuss your future

Oh joy

Brian C. Duffy

The courageously anonymous continue to shout at the sky. No sound, fake fury.

WFSB is going Gray shortly. No more Secret Online Life.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


Your potato in chief is on the way... put on that sunday dress and lipstick and make a day of it..He loves little spuds like you...(Fake Name)

Brian C. Duffy

I don't hide. I called your bluff.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT (Annoy the Anonymous - Deter the Deplorable)


Biden was in 3 states today.

- Unconscious

- Semi-conscious,

- and disoriented.


Florida level clever...derr


Dont worry about crime...high prices...illegal immigration... border security... Afghanistan...mandates...just let the Potato in Charge mumble his way through a pre-written speech. Give him a Fiddle while Rome burns


There are a lot of people commenting that have absolutely zero idea what communism is. Yet, they keep saying Biden is a communist. Keep drinking that Kool-aid!!


Some of us do have a good grasp of what Communism is all about through our own experiences and studies, Dan7543! Yes, there are parallels between this administration and the march to Communism here in the United States. Remember that socialism often leads to Communism and tyranny. We won't fault you entirely for not understanding this though, after all, you are a product of an educational system (and a news media) based on an illogical (and radical) liberal ideology. Yes, you have been brainwashed!


Ok, so, please, tell us your actual experiences with communism?


Where to begin! Family from a Communist nation. Loss of high-paying job once outed as anti-Communist (Sound familiar? Cancel culture?). Oppression. Loss of freedoms. Loss of property rights. Constant berating, belittling, and intimidation. Hunger. All very real and very true!!! Don't just take my word for it, open up a factual history book on Communism and do your own research on the ill-effects of this flawed ideology. If you did not have your head buried up your backside, you would recognize the similarities and where we are headed.


Everyone needs to be there shouting "LET'S GO BRANDON!", or the other phrase :)


Tell him to beat it. We don't need this commie around. Get to the border and build the wall commie.


Gas and food prices continue to soar. Mandates against body autonomy are forcing staffing shortages everywhere making everything worse.The southern border is wide open. Our energy independence is gone. A failed president by all measures. No mean tweets though, so your feelings are safe.




Food costs have just hit a 10-year high and are looking to continue to increase. If anything is a (hidden) tax on the poor, it's increased costs in necessities like food, shelter, and fuel. If he's going to come here and try to convince us how he wants to "build back better" and help those in need, and if he's at all interested in "human rights", he should explain his plan for addressing food shortages and runaway inflation due to government spending and mandates/lockdowns and the effect they are having on worker supply.

This isn't just happening in Connecticut - a friend of mine in the Midwest reported today that she now has to go over twice as far to collect her medications, because the nearest pharmacy closed.



Brian C. Duffy

Another little anecdote from the little avatar. Have you taken your internet safety course yet? I recommend Kevin Mitnick. He's kinda pricey, but I get him free through my company.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT public info only


Garbage in, garbage out!

Brian C. Duffy

The No Name Landfill


Many of us will sure miss you when goes gray. Perhaps you'll have us over one day for a beer summit?

Brian C. Duffy

Sure. Will you be disguised as a man?


GIGO! See you in the next article!

Brian C. Duffy

Sorry, you're not allowed. Drinking age is 21.


You truly are abnormal and grossly sophomoric! In fact, you are a moron! My sympathies to your wife (or husband).

Brian C. Duffy

Says the "pantywaist" commenter.

I take ownership of all my posts, regardless of content. You own nothing here. Just another fish in the barrel for me.


You can have meds shipped directly to your house. it is 2021. What else ya got? It is quit simple, pay corporate employees less and pay a real wage to lower employees. This creates a real hardship on the corporate types as some will have to scrape by on less than a million $ annually. Can you imagine the horror?


PINO . President in name only .


Florida level clever...derr


Why? Shouldn't he be visiting the southern border to see first-hand the disaster he created?

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