WASHINGTON (WFSB) - Some federal employees in Connecticut said they're breathing a sigh of relief after a bill was passed to keep the government funding.

However, a new point of contention has developed in Washington.

Friday morning, President Donald Trump said he's going to sign a national emergency declaration to get funding for border security.

He began making his remarks around 10:30 a.m.

"We have an invasion of drugs and criminals coming into this country," Trump said during his news conference.

Trump said the declaration papers were ready, he just needed to finish signing them.

Congress passed the comprehensive spending and border security bill on Thursday night to avoid another government shutdown.

The White House said Trump will sign to the bill into law to ensure government employees get their pay.

The bill includes $1.4 billion for border fencing, which is far short of the $5.7 billion the president wanted for a wall.

That's why the White House said the president plans to declare the national emergency at the southern border.

Trump claims it's a humanitarian crisis.

The declaration gives the president the authority to seize property and redirect funding without Congressional approval.

"Moving things around and we're doing things that are fantastic and taking from far less, really from far less important areas," Trump explained.

Democrats plan to challenge the declaration. It's expected to be immediately contested in federal court.

"We will not have an end line run around the Congress of the United States," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat.

A recent CBS News poll said two-thirds of Americans think Trump should not declare a national emergency. Both Democrats and Republicans have opposed it.

Connecticut lawmakers reacted to the news shortly after the president's news conference.

“I strongly oppose [the] president’s announcement that he will misuse emergency powers to divert military construction funding to pay for a border wall," said Rep. Joe Courtney, a Democrat representing Connecticut's 2nd District. "Simply stated, this is not a proper use of the President’s authority and will harm rather than strengthen our national security."

The state Senate's president pro tempore called the declaration a dangerous precedent.

“Declaring a national emergency for one party’s pet project to satisfy the far right is a dangerous precedent that not only undermines the United States Constitution but also raises serious questions for Connecticut," said Sen. Martin Looney, a Democrat. "The raid of federal funding from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department to pay for the Republican’s wall should have all Connecticut state officials concerned on how this will impact eastern Connecticut and our submarine base, Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney, and funding for Medicare and Medicaid. President Trump has mortgaged his presidency to his vanity and created peril for our democracy in doing so.”

Rep. Jahana Hayes said she voted in favor of Thursday night's bipartisan bill but remains opposed to the declaration.

“I am disheartened to hear that President Trump is circumventing this negotiated agreement and would prefer instead to declare a national emergency that will usurp and defy the will of Congress – a coequal branch of government – to fulfill a campaign promise," Hayes said. "It is the job of Congress to allocate funding and President Trump should not initiate this power grab of declaring an emergency where one does not actually exist.”

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FAKE NEWS CH 3: "News poll said two-thirds of Americans think Trump should not declare a national emergency. Both Democrats and Republicans have opposed it." How many of you have been polled? Stop reporting on FAKE numbers. It makes Ch 3 look like they they're driving the 1930's propaganda messages.


you would think getting a wall would be easy, but the dems need their voters to be able to get here. dems are all about power.

Eyes On The Issues

I am against excessive government, except when it comes to protecting our National Security and stopping an invading force or people from entering the United States.

I hate he had to sign such an action to protect the U.S. citizens, when it should of been congress that stood up for us.
Fire those members of congress..


This morning the media is reporting that 2/3rd's of ALL AMERICANS are against the President Declaring a National Emergency at the Southern Border.
Clearly, the media outlets haven't thought this one out as he reported his decision late last night and already, they'd like us to believe that they ran a "Legitimate Poll" throughout the entire United States of America, that based on the poll, 217.3 Million people, a 2/3rd's majority of Americans disagree with the POTUS.
It's total nonsense, its a complete fabrication and shows that the media really can't be trusted as they have an agenda and have attached themselves to the Progressive Socialist movement at the expense of real, truthful journalism and the people they serve.
Very sad, they haven't the sense to realize that their statements are further burying what little credibility they may have had.
The POTUS has the right to call a National Emergency and I truly believe if Americans were to be truthfully polled, the majority would agree with him.
I think that the media should provide the details of any alleged poll taken so that the people can investigate and confirm the reports legitimacy.


I hope you realize that this "declaration" sets a very bad precedent. Because, now that it may happen, future presidents, being liberal especially, can declare gun violence a "national emergency" and have gun rights restricted. Or, declare healthcare a "national emergency" and require everyone to pay through the nose in taxes for every one to have the ability to have healthcare. But, I guess that would require some forethought. Something the GOP seems to lack. They only think of the now.

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