Protein-packed 'cricket' shakes introduced at burger joint


A burger chain based in Connecticut is offering a burger and a shake with a twist, or in this case, a chirp.

Cricket shakes were introduced at Jake’s Wayback and it comes with a big protein punch.

“You'll never know it was crickets unless we tell you,” said Deaven Holley, Jake’s Wayback Burgers in Meriden.

Employees said it started as an April Fool’s joke. Now, it’s a reality.

The Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Shake can be found on a local Jake’s Wayback menu. The insect is prominently featured on a poster.

Workers told Eyewitness News that 96 of them are milled down to a powdered form and are found in every shake.

“Lots of crickets,” Holley said. “They don't float around or anything, they're not still chirping.”

Holley said the reason it is a hit at the restaurants is because of the protein.

“It's like a trending health phase,” she said. “People were starting to realize there's more protein in an ounce of cricket, than an ounce of beef.”

Holley took Eyewitness News through the process. The shake includes two heaping teaspoons if cricket powder masked by a whole lot of Oreo, some milk and sweet syrups.

As for the taste, many claim it’s good.

“I would definitely order it again,” said Dave Capobuanco of Southington. “Getting 24 grams of protein is a huge benefit, so it kind of makes you feel less guilty for drinking a milkshake.”

Jake’s Wayback said the shakes have been a hit. Customers are buying them and those who don’t still ask about them.

The chain said they’ll be on sale until the end of September.

Here's some more information.

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