Protests, rallies planned ahead of president-elect's inauguration

A rally to safe the Affordable Care Act took place Sunday on the steps of the state capitol. (WFSB photo)

In four days, President-elect Donald Trump will officially take office.

Ahead of his inauguration, a series of protests have been scheduled throughout the week, including some in Connecticut.

Many of those rallies are aimed that saving the Affordable Care Act.

Demonstrations already took place this past weekend.

Local Democratic leaders said supporters of what's become known as Obamacare need to stand together to send a powerful message to Washington.

The steps of the state capitol were packed with protesters on Sunday afternoon.

Members of Connecticut's delegation rallied to save the Affordable Care Act. The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives approved a measure last week that prevents Senate Democrats from derailing a future bill that would reshape the 2010 law.

"We're here to say 'no,'" said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut's senior senator. "Repealing now will make America sick again and we'll roll back to a time when women were charged more for simply being women, when preventive care was neglected, when children couldn't be on their policies and when insurance wasn't available to many people."

Seventy rallies were held nationwide, including a large one in Michigan led by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"Thousands of Americans are saying loudly and clearly, 'Republicans you're not going to destroy the Affordable Care Act,'" he said.

Organizers said hundreds of rallies have been scheduled for the day of and the days leading up to Trump's inauguration on Friday.

They won't stop Trump's supporters from attending the inauguration.

In Connecticut, three protests are planned for the day after. They're in Hartford, East Haddam and Stamford.

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