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Folks gathered in Simsbury on Tuesday afternoon

NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) -- Protests continued in Connecticut on Tuesday, as demonstrators call for change following the death of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody last week.

In New Britain, a "Ride for Unity" event began Tuesday evening outside the stadium. It's where the community came together to stand against racism.

From the stadium, participants, including church leaders and community partners and New Britain police, will be driving through the city.

Shortly before the ride, the police chief spoke with a pastor virtually about how the department can make a difference.

Folks gathered in Simsbury Tuesday afternoon outside the town hall and police department. Many of them were holding signs saying, “Black Lives Matter,” and "We Stand With You."

Peaceful protests were also held in West Hartford and Norwich.

In West Hartford, folks gathered on South Main Street in front of town hall.

Protesters have told Channel 3 that they simply want to see meaningful action to create change in the way the black community is treated.

Demonstrators gathered in Southington on Monday, where the town’s deputy police chief marched with the crowd.

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In Hartford on Monday, state police joined demonstrators on Interstate 84.

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Troopers were there to detour traffic and monitor the crowd.

Hartford police issued a statement about the protests on Tuesday:

[Monday], hundreds of protesters came to the city and out of their homes to protest the tragic death of George Floyd who was killed a week ago today in Minneapolis. As a city and as a law enforcement agency, we share in the disgust, anger, and sadness that people all over the world are feeling. Incidents such as the death of George Floyd by the hands of a police officer erode the trust and relationships that we as a police department work at strengthening each and every day.

Hundreds marched throughout our great city today holding signs and chanting. We heard you. We stood alongside you. We marched with you. Behind our masks, we chanted with you. Yesterday, the City of Hartford showed that we stand with you in protest to police brutality. In stark contrast to many other communities around the country, the protests in Hartford so far have been peaceful, ending with zero arrests, and we are grateful and proud of our city and the community we serve.

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(7) comments


What change do they want from the police exactly? What the cop did to Floyd was already illegal and he has been charged with murder and will be held accountable. What needs to change is the systemic problem of violent and street crime coming out of the black community. This nonsense has been plaguing our urban areas for decades now, and all across the nation. Find a fix for that!


Really? How about the fact that George Floyd didn't kill anyone and he ends up dead before he was even booked into the system and that chump from UConn was taken into custody? Do you see the differences? George had the cuffs on BEFORE he was taken to the ground. He was neutralized as soon as the cuffs were on and the cop still felt the need to get him on the ground and drive his knee into his neck. I am so glad that I can neutralize your vote. If you can't see that, your mom and dad failed to give you a sense of morality.


Morality?!? Give me a break! If there was ANY morality, then no one would be 'killed by a cop' because they wouldn't have committed the crime and gotten arrested in the first place...


So no concern for due process or presumption of innocence? You ignorance and bias make you look foolish.


You are right on the money! These people demand change but from the wrong place. None of these "killings by cop" would have ever happened if the law wasn't broken in the first place. ALL lives matter and until people start acting like it none of this will ever change.


Solid victim blaming. Maybe try and walk a mile in another mans shoes and get some perspective and empathy.


Look in the mirror you and your bias are the problem.

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