HAMDEN, CT (WFSB) -- Quinnipiac University announced on Tuesday that it is planning in-classroom instruction and on-campus residential experience this coming fall.

The university said it will be implementing slight modifications to the academic calendar for the fall semester, as a way to continue to offer high-quality academic learning while maintaining health protections and physical distancing.

The following schedule was released on Tuesday:

  • Monday, Aug. 10 - Sunday, Aug. 23: We’re strongly encouraging an “early drop-off” option for students living within driving distance of Quinnipiac to drop off belongings in their rooms and return home. This will be a same-day, in-and-out drop-off without an overnight stay. This is not the move-in period. Advance sign-up will be required for preset time slots, and this option will be very helpful in reducing and spacing out the time and traffic involved with move-in later in August while supporting necessary social distancing.
  • Monday, Aug. 24: Instruction begins for all residential and non-residential students.* Students begin living in residence halls, with arrivals scheduled on a staggered basis. The early drop off of belongings by many of our students will serve to accelerate this process. Online instruction will be used the first week or two to support this staggered schedule and for the administration of state-required COVID testing of all students upon their return.
  • Monday, Sept. 7: Classes will be held on Labor Day. All students will be participating in in-class instruction by this date, if not before, assuming that testing has been completed for all remaining students.** Further details will be provided in the coming weeks explaining how testing will be conducted and how students will alternate between in-class and online attendance in order to manage social distancing requirements.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 24: On-ground classes conclude. Students depart for Thanksgiving break and will not return to campus after this break.
  • Monday, Nov. 30 – Saturday, Dec. 12: Fall classes, review sessions, office hours, reading days and final exams will be completed online.

Officials also said they are reducing every student’s room and board costs by two weeks to reflect the shorter period on campus.

One reason the school can move forward with confidence is its size. Classes will be a hybrid between online and in person.

“So, for example, for a class of 30 students that meets three times a week, maybe 10 students at a time may be in the classroom,” said W. Eric Sykes, vice president for Enrollment Management at Quinnipiac University.

To encourage social distancing in common areas, the school will have fewer tables in cafeterias and regulated patterns for foot traffic. But dorm mates will be viewed in the same way as other people who live together.

“We can specifically treat students who are living in a suite together as a family unit, so they can indeed be seated together,” Sykes said.

Read the complete announcement here.

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