Racial profiling case against East Haven police has officially ended

East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo announced the end of a racial profiling investigation involving the police department on Monday. (WFSB)

A consent decree by the East Haven Police Department that came about as the result of a federal racial profiling investigation has officially ended.

Mayor Joe Maturo Jr. announced the formal termination of the town's 4-year consent decree with the Department of Justice on Monday.

"Following on-site audits which concluded in November, Department of Justice officials confirmed that our Police Department had met and exceeded each and every benchmark for success specified in the 48-month 'Agreement for Effective and Constitutional Policing,'" Maturo said. "Last Wednesday, upon the joint-motion of the Town and DOJ, a federal court judge acknowledged the same, terminated the consent decree, and dismissed the ongoing litigation between the Town and DOJ."

Back in 2012, the FBI arrested four East Haven officers as part of its investigation.

An indictment stated that all four officers used unreasonable searches and seizures, as well as an unreasonable amount of force.

The indictment said it was part of a concerted effort to target Latinos.

Around the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights division announced findings that the East Haven Police Department as a whole was violating people's civil rights.

Back then, a number of civil lawsuits had been filed against individual officers.

The Justice Department entered into a settlement agreement to reform the East Haven Police Department in Nov. 2012. Read the agreement here.

The agreement, according to the Justice Department, was designed to ensure that the policies and practices of East Haven police upheld "constitutional protections against unlawful discrimination and unreasonable searches and seizures for the town’s 29,000 residents and other individuals who visit the town."

"Thanks to the collective efforts of a number of individuals, East Haven is the only jurisdiction in the country to have met every requirement of a consent decree with the DOJ both on-time and under budget," Maturo added. "Although our Department has been recognized in numerous capacities over the past two-years for its success rebuilding public trust and restoring accountability, today we recognize the culmination of that hard work and the beginning of a new, bright chapter for our department."

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