Rain, melting snow could lead to flooding issues across the state

West Side Market in Rocky Hill cleared snow from its roof in anticipation of Friday's rain and potential flooding. (WFSB)

Mild air, rain and melting snow could be a recipe for flooding across the state.

Preparations have been underway in Rocky Hill in anticipation of Friday's storm.

Thursday, Peter Quint, manager of West Side market, was up on the store's roof with the owner, clearing snow.

"Have I done it in the past? Yes. But, was not anticipating it today," Quint said. "We shoveled all around the pipes, and put some salt around the drains to loosen up that ice a little more, and hopefully by mid-day [Thursday], we'll be good to go!"

During the cold snap that began around Christmas, a pipe froze.

"The main pipe separated from the roof pipe because it's a block of ice," Quint said.

They put another pipe in place and ran it from the drain to the road.

They said they're hoping it will help with the snow melts and rain begins.

Snow had been packed up high on the roof, even covering windows at one point.

Frank Kelley, deputy fire marshal of the Rocky Hill Fire Department, said there are a number of factors that could lead to flooding on Friday.

"It just seems right now, with all of the different variables, we have to contend with, the ground being frozen, the anticipated thaw, followed with the rain we're expecting, It could be a busy few days," Kelley said.

He said the water will go to low-lying areas like basements.

He said it's a good idea to clear out electrics or valuables ahead of time.

Kelley gave Channel 3 a look inside a truck that his department uses in the event of a water emergency.

It's equipped with things like generators and pumps.

"It's an asset that we use quite often," he said.

On Thursday, Channel 3 followed a crew out cleaning gutters.

“Make sure these babies are clear, because once they get backed up out here they can cause some real problems inside,” said Andrew Bachman, who started his own landscaping company in West Hartford, but cleaning gutters has been his go-to recently.

"It's a bit of a thaw happening now between winter time freeze ups and so we're getting an opportunity to clean some gutters,” Bachman said.

He said he’s seen a lot of homeowners getting backed up.

"The oak trees fell so late this season that a lot of people didn't have an opportunity to clean their gutters before that first hard snowfall,” Bachman said.

He added that homeowners need to realize it is important to clean your gutters.

"If the gutters aren't cleaned and maybe they already even have ice dams the rain will back up and if the rain sits there and its soggy there, it won’t be a good flow through the gutters and the next time it snows it could be much easier to get ice dams,” Bachman said.

If you've lived in New England long enough you've probably seen an ice dam, but here's a refresher on how nasty they can be.

"The ice will backup underneath the shingle and go underneath the plywood that forms the roof and you'll get spotting or leaking through that plywood,” Bachman said.

Homeowners may start seeing spotting on the ceiling indoors where that water is coming through, and that means more cash out of your pocket in the long haul, so the best thing you can do, according to Bachman, “get your gutters cleaned if you haven't had a chance to."

For more on the forecast, head here.

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