Rainy August creates problems for local farmers

Too much rain has not been good for certain crops in CT (WFSB)

Farmers are praying the weather dries out.

This is twice as much rain than they’d like for their summer crops.

Some of the crops aren’t doing too well with this wet weather.

Cucumbers are one of them.

There’s a disease that has plagued many of the cucumbers and is rotting them out.

The farm stand at Cold Spring Brook Farm in Berlin looks good, but the farmers here say it’d be even fuller with dryer weather.

“It seems like there’s been very few nice days this summer. A lot of them have been very hot or humid or raining so it’s been somewhat of a miserable summer,” said Eric Peterson, Cold Spring Brook Farm.

Chief Meteorologist says we’ve seen more than 9 inches of rain this August.

It’s not mixing well for growing vegetables and working in the fields.

“Just with getting things done, it’s hard to get out picking when it’s pouring rain all the time and the other thing is it makes the produce a lot more perishable. So, it’s rotting out the fields,” Peterson said.

Just with this past week’s rain alone, the farm lost 30 percent of its tomatoes.

Some were cracking and splitting at the stems and had spots that indicate a disease that rots the fruit within a couple days.

“Overall it could be a lot worse, we have a lot of nice stuff here. It’s more work, more management. It’s a little bit more difficult than it would be in a dryer year,” said Peterson.

The onions and peppers are doing very well with all of this rain.

The farmers are hoping for some dryer and cooler weather.

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