NORTH HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Community advocates are drawing attention to a billboard and its message being promoted in New Haven.

The highway billboard lets drivers know marijuana is legal, just across the border.

Organizers and attendees will be rallying against the billboard off I-91 at 355 Washington Avenue in North Haven on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

The sign reads “Weed is legal in 60 miles”, mentioning the distance from the Massachusetts border, where pot is legal. Community advocates against substance abuse are countering the sign.

Turnbridge, a facility treating folks with substance abuse and mental health disorders, put up a counter billboard. This sign points out that addiction treatment is closer. The facility says among the young men and women they treat, some are addicted to marijuana.

Organizers of today’s rally want folks to be aware of the effects of the drug, especially driving under the influence.

Connecticut State Police are reminding residents that recreational marijuana is still not legal in Connecticut and can’t be brought across the border.

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(5) comments

Waterbury Wonder

Isn't it obvious? How else do you explain John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney?


It is kind of foolish that people are going to "protest" this. I mean really... it's 2019. Do people still rely on billboards? I'm pretty sure there is an app for this.


the billboard is exercising the 1st amendment right of FREE SPEECH. it is NOT promoting weed use in CT. it is stating a fact that it is legal 60 miles away. deal with it, it is NOT breaking the law


Great Job! Just advertise more that you only have to drive 60 miles to get legal Pot. Don't forget, gasoline and alcohol are cheaper there too. So, stock up and and save a bundle!


Exactly. By "protesting" all they did was bring attention to this.

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