SIMSBURY, CT (WFSB) - A little boy whose infatuation with a flag gained national attention was invited by police to a flag ceremony in Simsbury on Wednesday.

Six-year-old Finn Daly, who has autism and down syndrome, loves walking around his West Hartford neighborhood.

His family said he became enamoured with a flag in front of Todd Disque's home.

When Disque caught wind that his flag was one of Finn's favorite stops, he built him a bench.

"A lot of [are] people coming out of the woodwork to say 'thank you' and they're proud of me," Disque said. "I'm a little blown away by that."

Millions of people watched the story, including members of the West Hartford Police Department.

"As a parent and as a human being, it's touching," said Capt. Jeremy Clark, West Hartford police.

The department came up with the idea to invite Finn and his family to present the flag at the Connecticut SWAT challenge in Simsbury on Wednesday morning.

This week, dozens of teams from nine states were in Connecticut.

"[There are] all sorts of events, [such as] mock incidents they can practice and train on, and get some feedback," Clark explained.

Both the Daly and Disque families called it an honor to be included.

"[We're] honored to be asked to do this, see all these people who take care of us, guard us," said Kevin Daly, Finn's father.

They also told Channel 3 that they can't thank everyone enough for the support they received.

"The opportunity it's presented to raise down syndrome and autism awareness, we're forever grateful for that as well," said Brooke Daly, Finn's mother.

People have reached out from near and far.

"They've sent us these blankets that look like flags and homemade teddy bears from Texas," said Rosie Daly, Finn's sister.

They're hoping the random act of kindness will inspire others to do the same in their own communities.

"It was just an act of kindness for a little boy, and a family we didn't even know," said Deb Hutton, Disque's wife. "If he started a little something, ya know, good for him!"

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