GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) - A couple of timber rattlesnakes were removed from the backyard of a home in Glastonbury on Tuesday.

Police said the snakes were found at a property on Mountainview Road. 

The town's animal control officer was able to relocate them.

Police said the timber rattlesnake is one of two venomous species in Connecticut.

"Please note that the timber rattlesnake is protected by the Connecticut Endangered Species Act," Glastonbury police said. "It is illegal to kill or collect them. If you encounter one, observe it from a distance, calmly and slowly back away from it, and allow the snake to go on it’s way."

They said anyone concerned about a rattlesnake in their yard can call police at 860-633-8301 so they can assist in properly relocating it to a safe location.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said the snakes were once documented in more than 20 towns in the state. Now it's limited to isolated populations in about 10, mostly in the central and western portions of the state.

"Timber rattlesnake populations have declined, mainly because of human activity and persecution, which includes illegal pet trade, intentional killing, habitat degradation and fragmentation, and human development," DEEP said on its website.

DEEP called protection of the snake's specialized habitats, both winter dens and summer foraging/breeding grounds, a priority.

For more information on the snake, check out DEEP's website here.

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Yep, you can walk into the state forest and find them all over. I used to live on Tollgate road and we would see them almost every day. That and mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, and black snakes. Pretty neat.

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