FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- A realtor for Fotis Dulos is speaking out more than three weeks after Jennifer’s disappearance.

The mother of five went missing on May 24, and even as the days go by, the public’s interest in this case remains.

TIMELINE: Events surrounding New Canaan mom's disappearance

“They see this nice house, what we thought was a picture-perfect family and you find out it’s not so perfect,” said Rob Guiffria, managing broker of Tea Leaf Realty in West Hartford.

About nine months ago, he helped Jennifer and her estranged husband Fotis Dulos list the home they once shared at 4 Jefferson Crossing in Farmington.

He says he can’t believe the recent turn of events.

“It was totally shocking and I thought for sure she was going to be found and I was hoping she’d be found alive by now,” Guiffria said.

While police have said Jennifer is considered the victim of a brutal physical assault, some have still speculated whether this is a “gone girl” type situation, with Jennifer starting another life somewhere else.

Guiffria says no way.

“I think it’s impossible. It’s impossible. The few times I did meet Jennifer, which was a few years ago, very nice, very warm, very inwardly focused towards the kids,” Guiffria said.

Meanwhile, Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis are facing charges of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution after Hartford surveillance cameras captured two people resembling them dumping garbage bags in the north end.

Found in a dumpster near Albany Avenue were clothes and a sponge containing Jennifer’s blood.

When asked if he thought Fotis had anything to do with her disappearance, Guiffria replied “I can’t believe for the life of me that he would have anything to do with this case, but I don’t know. You read things in the press and we all try to play detective and figure out what’s happening what could have happened, but I give people the benefit of a doubt until they’re proven guilty.”

Guiffria also revealed details of his conversation with Fotis after he posted bond and was out of jail.

“What I found most interesting is he obviously couldn’t talk about the case and I didn’t want to ask about the case, but he went right into business, asking what’s happening with certain deals because he was away for those 10 days,” Guiffria said.

As Fotis waits for his next court date, Guiffria has two big hopes -- One that Jennifer is found alive, and two that Fotis is cleared of any involvement.

“This is unresolved, so everyone is hanging. The kids are hanging. The family is hanging. Everyone involved with Fotis’ business is hanging. What you may or may not think of him, everyone is still in limbo about this, so everyone is affected,” Guiffria said.

The home Jennifer and Fotis once shared is currently listed at $4.35 million.

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