FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) – As Fotis Dulos tries to sell his home in the backdrop of a criminal case, his realtor is opening up about whether having a famous or infamous owner can make a property more or less desirable to buyers.

Dulos’ home located at 4 Jefferson Crossing in Farmington is spectacular, outfitted with too many features to mention.

Dulos owned the home with his estranged wife, Jennifer, who has been missing for over one month.

“Everyone looks at a home like 4 Jefferson and thinks, ‘wow, those people have it really lucky. It would be nice if we could live in a home like that one day,’” said Rob Giuffria.

With a cloud of suspicion hanging over Fotis in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance, Channel 3 wanted to find out whether that could affect the sale of the $4.35 million home.

“I think on par if nothing criminally happening in the house besides Fotis and Jennifer lived in it, I think it’s going to be a positive for the neighborhood because not many people follow luxury homes unless they’re in the market,” Giuffria said.

Giuffria is a realtor with Tea Leaf Realty and is quick to point out that home sales over $2 million in central Connecticut aren’t doing well in general.

An example of that is rapper 50 Cent’s house in Farmington. It was listed for $18.5 million in 2007 and just sold for $2.9 million in April.

His celebrity status did not influence buyers.

“So, you have to have some pretty significant star power. I call it the Beyoncé power. You have to have pretty significant [power] for people to want to buy your home because you own it because you’re a star,” Giuffria said.

Even when it comes to Katherine Hepburn’s home in Fenwick, Giuffrida said what sold the home wasn’t the fact Hepburn lived there, it was the location.

“I mean you have a huge estate right on the sound that is commutable to New York City. That’s a recipe for a great home, a great high price, but it didn’t sell until they redid the whole home either,” Giuffria said.

Whether interest in the Dulos home is affected by the current criminal case, Giuffria said the price of the property won’t be changing anytime soon.

“The owners of the home are still Fotis and Jennifer, so we work for both of them. We represent both of their interests and as long as Jennifer remains missing, we’re not in a position to make and changes to that listing or how we market the home,” Giuffria said.

Giuffria said despite the charges Fotis is currently facing, 4 Jefferson Crossing is open to see for potential buyers, but they need to be financially qualified.

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