Marijuana billboard

This billboard was spotted off I-91 in New Haven (WFSB)

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- A billboard being seen in CT is creating quite a buzz online.

The advertisements for recreational marijuana in Massachusetts have been spotted along I-91.

The message refers to the cannabis store in Northampton, which is about 25 miles from the border.

Police in Enfield and Torrington are reminding folks that is it illegal to bring anything you buy across the border into CT.

While you can smoke it where it is legal, you could also potentially be under the influence when you come back into Connecticut.

Drivers are now wondering who put up the billboard. 

The ad is for a company called Weedmaps, a free app where anyone can easily find and connect with marijuana dispensaries. 

"I think it's kind of funny," said Lynzie Slater. 

Slater says even though it's funny, she doesn't like the message it's sending to kids. 

"You know, it's kind of saying, 'hey, let's go smoke some pot,'" said Slater. 

Weedmaps put up the billboard in New Haven. 

The company, headquartered in California, encourages users to download the app where they can find nearby dispensaries and doctors who prescribe or sell marijuana. 

Although marijuana has been decriminalized, it is still illegal in our state to use recreationally. 

In a statement, Weedmap tells Channel 3, "Weedmaps is a community where people can search and discover cannabis product, become educated on all things cannabis, review cannabis businesses, and connect with other like-minded consumers." 

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They should update the sign to include the fact that everything is cheaper in Taxachussetts. I always do my shopping there. It only makes sense to fill my gas tank, stock up on groceries and hit a package store. I save thousands a year. And do you know why everything is cheaper. Lower taxes. Can you believe it? Taxachussetts has less taxes than Connecticut. That's right. When you over tax, everything is too expensive.

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