There are new details in the firing of a Middletown police sergeant.

The city says Frank Scirpo was sexually harassing officers he was supervising.

There are pages of testimony from officers in a report obtained by Channel 3 via the Freedom of Information Act, and ultimately, they say that the sergeant would constantly make them feel uncomfortable in a variety of ways.

“Excellence, integrity and professionalism” are words are found on each police vehicle in Middletown.

The city says former sergeant Frank Scirpo failed to meet them.

Last month, the sergeant, who has been on the force for more than a decade, was fired for his alleged conduct inside and outside the walls of this department.

An officer came forward with the initial complaint, accusing Scirpo of putting his hand down an officer’s jacket and “feeling around his arm” to determine if he was wearing an unauthorized shirt.

Once that complaint was filed, other officers, who were hesitant to come forward, started detailing their accounts of Scirpo making them uncomfortable.

Those include: Touching the tips of another officer’s fingers, touching an officer’s ear, rubbing an officer’s scalp, caressing the side of an officer’s face, showing officers pornography, grabbing an officer’s buttocks, intentionally exposing himself in the locker room.

An investigation was opened, and according to internal affairs documents obtained by Channel 3, several of the incidents were caught on camera.

Other officers complained Scirpo, who was also a firearms instructor, would often “berate and belittle” officers, even in public.

When interviewed, Scirpo admitted to some, but not all, of the allegations. 

There were many instances where he could not recall the allegations. But times when he did remember, Scirpo said he was “just trying to joke around.”

Ultimately, Scirpo was fired for violating the city’s sexual harassment policy.

Mayor Dan Drew said “While none of these incidents, in isolation, warrant termination, in the aggregate, they present a serious pattern of behavior, which does warrant this course.”

Channel 3 did reach out to the Middletown police union and Scirpo and haven’t heard back.

The former sergeant will be able to collect his pension and health insurance.

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