Physicians say candidate is in good health despite collapse

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton during a previous recording of Face the State. (WFSB file)

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton announced on Tuesday he has filed the paperwork to form an exploratory committee for governor in Connecticut.

On Tuesday afternoon, Boughton posted on social media that he had "filed the creation of an exploratory committee for statewide office in the 2018 election."

"I can no longer sit idly by while our home loses thousands of jobs month after month. Each year we pay more in taxes, electric rates, utilities, and fees while getting less and less service. Our hospitals are cut, our schools are cut; where is all the money going? Join me today and let’s begin Connecticut’s Comeback," Boughton posted on Facebook.

The Republican is expected to seek the GOP nomination for governor in 2018. He previously ran for governor in 2014, but suspended his campaign and backed Republican Tom Foley. Foley ultimately lost to Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who was seeking a second term.

Malloy has not ruled out seeking a third term.

Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell said Boughton "has been the embodiment of hypocrisy."

"He has been all too eager to embrace the state's policies when they benefit his own politics in Danbury, yet he has criticized the same policies when they created jobs in other areas of the state and didn't personally benefit him. Rhetorically, Boughton has recently attempted to claim high ground when it was politically expedient for him, yet he has peddled in identity politics in the past, bashing immigrants to benefit his re-election campaign. Track records are important, and Boughton's is one of flippant changes to positions and postures," Mandell said in a statement on Tuesday.

Mandell went on to said the state needs a "governor who will fight for the people of Connecticut, not just their own political future."

"Mark Boughton has proven time and time again that he puts his own political ambition above all else. Our people and our communities deserve better," Mandell said.

A former high school teacher and state representative, Boughton has been mayor of Danbury since 2001.

For more information about Connecticut Comeback, click here.

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