Resident feels more should be done to combat coyote problem in Rocky Hill


State investigators are warning people that coyote attacks are on the rise, and Rocky Hill residents said the problem has gotten so bad they don’t feel safe outside their homes.

Residents on Rocamora Road in Rocky Hill love living near the state woods, but they said the coyotes are getting out of control.

“We used to spend a lot of time out here, we had a patio out here in the winter and now we don't come out here at all. I don't feel safe,” said Lisa Beaudoin, who believes her backyard is a dangerous place to be. “You can yell and scream and make all the noise you want. They're not afraid of you anymore and we usually see them a couple of times a week now.”

A recent incident on New Year’s Eve has heightened Beaudoin’s fears.

She said her daughter was walking her dog in the backyard when a coyote ran right at them.

“She heard rustling on top of the hill. The coyote charged down the hill and was arm’s length away from her and the dog,” Beaudoin said.

Fortunately the coyote ran away but officials from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection admit the number of reported coyote sightings and attacks are on the rise.

“It's so stressful and we're so afraid for the dogs but now we're afraid for people,” Beaudoin said.

She said state investigators have told her there is not much they can do and that if she wants to trap the animals her family will have to foot the bill.

But she said she feels it’s unfair that she has to live in fear in her own backyard.

“I would tell them that. People are really afraid,” she said.

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