Stonington leaders to discuss snow blower noise complaints

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WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – It’s time to make sure your snowblowers are ready as a snow storm is set to move into the state this week.

If you need a snowblower, you can still find some in stock, but if you need yours to be worked on, you might be out of luck.

Bob Grehel was looking to replace his snowblower after 15 years. He knows even if he doesn’t need it during Winter Storm Abel, it will get used soon.

“You can’t come over here in the middle of a snow storm. You’ve gotta have it in your garage,” Grehl said.

Dave Zarnowski, owner of Zarnowski Power Equipment in West Haven says he’s had a few extra sales this week. The combinations of an early storm and holiday weekend meant most shoppers are still waiting.

He says he’ll typically see a rush in a few weeks.

“We’ve been fixing snowblowers since September,” Zarnowski said.

Common repairs include changing the oil, belts, and skids. Zarnowski suggests people use an ethanol-free gas when storing their power equipment.

“If anything you have at home sitting like a generator, a snow blower, stuff that you don’t use a lot, you know, just put the can gas in there,” Zarnowski said.

With continued maintenance, they can last between 15 and 20 years.


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It is only snow, dont get yer pantys in a bunch.[beam]

Jame Gumb

Had all summer and fall to get you gear running. Now you have Joe Idiot coming out of the woodwork figuring out his stuff doesn't run. And he probably also just figured out he hasn't had his oil or propane tanks filled since April. Evolution is only a theory for most people.


dont pee your pants big boy.[ohmy][scared][crying]

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