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Some residents in Cheshire are complaining after a plow took out a number of mailboxes (WFSB)

CHESHIRE, CT (WFSB) -- It happens all across the state during every storm clean up where plow trucks take out mailboxes.

However, some residents in one Cheshire neighborhood said they are fed up, saying it keeps happening.

A number of mailboxes were knocked over during storm cleanup this week on Redwood Lane.

However, many of them had been destroyed during the last storm on Jan. 20.

“My mailbox was thrown into the front yard. The guy next door was thrown into the front yard, theirs was on the street, his was on the side,” said Maureen Murphy, who lives in the Cheshire neighborhood.

Craig Pedersen, who plows himself, says it happens.

“The plows are angled to the right, these town plows, when they plow, the velocity is going to come off the plow and if you’re going too fast, you’re going to get too much of a wave of snow. Too much weight, too much force for the mailboxes to take,” Pedersen said.

So if a plow gets too close and takes out your mailbox, there are a few things you can do.

First, reach out to your public work’s department.

In Cheshire, they have a policy regarding replacing mailboxes, but there are a number of conditions.

The mailbox is supposed to be a foot from the curb or pavement to prevent contact from the plow.

If the mailbox is hit by a plow, you need to report the damage within 48 hours of when plowing stops.

The town will repair the damage, replace it with a standard metal mailbox and a four-by-four post, or reimburse the resident up to $200 if they have receipts.

However, the policy states that it is up to the public works director to make a decision when it comes to disputes over who’s responsible for the damage.

“It’s kind of unfortunate that so many go down though, I think there has to be a way to temper the speed with the plow trucks,” Murphy said.

Another neighbor said it’s understandable and that these things happen, but said the plow drivers simply need to slow down.

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