Residents could face fines for snow-covered sidewalks

Residents in Waterbury could face fines for snow-covered sidewalks (WFSB)

A week ago we were gearing up for Brody, and while the storm is long gone, for some the snow is still causing problems.

In Waterbury and other cities, snow-covered sidewalks is a public safety issue, and if you don’t clear yours, the city could bill you.

Chris Lockery and others have been hugging the curb of busy Meriden Road because some Waterbury homeowners and businesses have still not cleared their sidewalks.

"They had plenty of time already for it to be cleared up a little more and I have slipped and fell multiple times already,” Lockery said.

The city went into the neighborhood after the school district got complaints about snow-covered sidewalks near Chase Elementary School.

Specifically, it is becoming a public safety issue with kids heading to school having to walk out into the road.

For those not following the law, the city says there are a couple of options.

"We could issue a citation, believe its $50 if the walk isn't cleared four hours after a storm or by 9 a.m. if it’s an overnight storm,” said Joe Geary, Waterbury mayor’s chief of staff. “We're looking for voluntary compliance. We have sent the police department out to various addresses to knock on the door in an attempt to get voluntary compliance."

While the city says for the most part, homeowners and businesses are good and follow the law, there's room for improvement, because for whatever reason, some still don't clear the walks.

If they don't, the city could bring in public works crews to clean it.

"We could go out and clear a sidewalk, lien the property owner, the applicable rate what it costs to clear the snow. I'm not aware we've done that yet, but that is also a mechanism we can use,” Geary said.

If you have a concern about a sidewalk that hasn't been shoveled and is blocked, you can call City Hall or the police.

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