AVON, CT (WFSB) – A historic road in Avon faces an uncertain future.

A local developer wants to build homes on Nod Road, but on Tuesday night, hundreds of people who opposed the plan packed a public meeting to voice their concerns.

No decisions were made at the meeting at Avon Middle School, but the developer was reminded he has a major fight on his hands.

The people who own homes near Nod Road say it’s special.

“We see all kinds of wildlife on Nod Road. We have bears and deer and coyotes and really anything you can imagine,” said Polly Carville.

But, many of the people who live around Nod Road fear a proposed development would change their slice of paradise forever.

Tony Giorgio wants to build 95 homes on the land owned by Blue Fox Run Golf Course. He says the plan would protect the natural beauty of the area because only about 40 acres out of a possible 280 would be developed, and the rest would go into a newly created conservation easement.

“From a philosophical point of view, this is an opportunity for responsible development on this site,” Giorgio said.

Lawyers for both sides gave presentations as Giorgio fights to get the land rezoned.

While the large majority of people in the crowd oppose the proposal, Richard Schectman, who knows and trusts Giorgio, supports it. He fears a future project could be more invasive than Giorgio’s.

“Status quo isn’t going to last, so the question is how do you manage a change. What’s being suggested here and proposed is something that is very responsible, it’s a responsible change,” Schectman said.

Despite the lengthy presentations, most people in the crowd admitted when it comes to Nod Road, they won’t just fight this proposal. They say any development is too much.

Giorgio faces a difficult challenge. He needs to get the land rezoned and convince the Wetlands Commission that the project would not be harmful to the environment.

Another public meeting is scheduled to take place in two weeks.

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