Residents say cockroaches invaded Meriden apartment building

Residents in this building say there is a serious cockroach problem (WFSB)

Residents who live in a Meriden apartment say they’re having a hard time sleeping.

They said cockroaches are creeping around their homes, and residents say not enough is being done about it.

“They're falling from the ceiling, they're falling from the walls,” said Cherlene Bell.

She said an army of the uninvited guests are crawling around her bedroom, her kitchen, and her living room.

“I don't want to cook here. I'm sick to my stomach I can't even eat here. I'm not comfortable,” Bell said.

She said she’s not comfortable in her own house, saying dozens of cockroaches have taken over her apartment at the Kennedy Building in Meriden.

Bell said the cockroaches arrived shortly after the building’s management fumigated another apartment, but she said the exterminator failed to tape up other doors.

“They came in like a flood. They are all in my furniture, they are all in my whole house. There is not a room where they're not at,” Bell said.

The cockroaches aren’t just in Bell’s apartment. Tenants throughout the entire building had similar complaints, including Bell’s next door neighbor.

“In the last few weeks we've noticed a surprising guest that we've had crawling around our kitchen counters in through our stove sometimes in the cracks of our refrigerator,” said Michelle Blauvett.

She said dealing with the roaches would be difficult for anyone, but she has to try to protect her 2-year-old toddler Abigail.

“My daughter is like mommy there's a bug it's a spider...she doesn't know what these are and I teach her nature stays outside and we don't them to be touching them,” Blauvett said.

Bell and Blauvett said they have been living like this for the last three weeks, and if you step outside their apartment you can see they've taken steps to try and fix the problem like placing boric acid on the ground, but so far nothing has worked they claim they have also reached out to their landlord repeatedly but so far it hasn't been very productive they said.

Eyewitness News reached out to the company who owns the building Nu Breed.

A woman who identified herself as the landlord said someone checks the apartment for roaches every month and that someone will deal with the issue soon.

But some of the tenants aren’t optimistic. They said the apartments aren’t checked monthly and living with these uninvited guests makes them feel like they’re living in filth.

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