Wethersfield farm

Residents are expected to vote on the future of a farm in Wethersfield (WFSB)

WETHERSFIELD, CT (WFSB) -- Wethersfield residents will be voting on the future of one of the last working farms in town in November.

The town wants to purchase the property, but some residents say they don’t want to be the one’s caught flipping the bill.

The Kycia family’s farm, which started in 1913, fields sit among row after row of suburban sprawl right next-door to the High Crest Elementary School.

It’s a 32-acre parcel that’s been in the same family for many years.

“It consists of this parcel right here and a parcel across the street which is larger,” said Wethersfield Town Councilor Mary Breton.

The town has had its eye on buying the property on Highland Street for several years.

“It’s been on the top of the list. The location is great, it’s amenable to recreational fields, playing fields, and we think it would be a great investment for our future,” Breton said.

The Town Council came up with a plan to purchase the property for $2.4 million and it will be on the ballot for residents to vote for in November, but the main concern is the cost to taxpayers.

“It will be $16 on an $8,000 tax bill. So, if you pay $8,000 in taxes and we purchase this farm, it will be $8,016 the first year of that 20-year bond but each year it will decrease,” said Cynthia Greenblatt, of Wethersfield.

Advocates for preserving the land say having the town buy it now will be more beneficial to taxpayers in the long haul.

“In this case the cost of buying the land and keeping it as open space or using it for recreational facilities is actually less than the cost of development,” Greenblatt said.

Forty new houses could potentially be built there, and it would mean paying for services to each.

Whereas keeping it open space and athletic fields could help property values.

“We have to take our chance this time or we are going to lose the opportunity if we don’t vote ‘yes’ for number 3. I think that once it’s gone it is gone, and that’s the bottom line,” Breton said.

If the sale does go through, the Kycia family plans on carving out a half an acre for themselves to build a home and continue living in Wethersfield.

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