Vernon burglary suspect

Vernon police said suspects accused of posing as water company employees fled in this vehicle (Vernon Police)

VERNON, CT (WFSB) -- Police and authorities are alerting residents in multiple towns to be on the lookout for people posing as water company employees.

The most recent incident happened on Wednesday in Vernon where two men went up to a home on Grove Street pretending to be Connecticut Water Employees.

The elderly residents let the two males into their home.

While they were occupied, a third suspect went into the home and stole several thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry and cash from dresser drawers.

"Stole jewelry and cash and other valuable items, several thousand dollars worth of things from this elderly couple," said Lt. William Meier, Vernon Police Department. 

One of the residents told police that one male suspect spoke on a “walkie talkie” type device. Police said this could have been to signal the third suspect.

Neighboring witnesses reported seeing a grey or silver SUV or minivan leaving the home and heading south toward Hartford Turnpike.

The two suspects were both described as white males. One of them was described as being older, about 5’7”, 200lbs wearing black sunglasses, a dark blue jacket, a blue baseball hat, dark blue pants, and dark brown sneakers. That male described himself as Greek.

Police said there is no further description on the second male and the third male was never seen.

"We are asking people to be vigilant, especially if someone arrives at your home unannounced, asking to coming, make sure you verify their identity before you let them into your home," Meier said. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 860-872-9126.

Police are reminding residents to verify the identity of anyone who claims to work for a utility company before letting them inside your home.

“This is especially important when the customer does not have an appointment and a worker arrives unannounced,” Vernon police said in a press release, adding that utility employees carry photo IDs, wear uniforms and drive company vehicles.

Also on Wednesday, authorities from the Metropolitan District (MDC) alerted residents to be cautious of people posing as employees.

They said recently an individual claiming to be an MDC employee tried to get into a home in West Hartford.

The MDC urges all residents, especially those who are home during the day, to be alert for impostors by following these tips:

  • MDC field employees wear clothing and drive vehicles clearly marked with the MDC logo.
  • The MDC encourages customers to stay secure within the home while asking for identification from anyone who comes to their door. All MDC employees have photo identification badges and will gladly display them upon request. The policy is “No Identification - No Entry”.
  • If someone comes to your door claiming to be from the water company and you do not have a previously scheduled appointment, do not allow access to your home until calling the MDC Command Center at 860- 278-7850 and press 1 to verify their identity.
  • If you have any doubt about the individual’s identity or motives, or authenticity of their credentials, do not allow them entry into your home and call the police.

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their heads should be held underwater when caught. prob a couple liberals just taking what's "owed to them". reinstate the death penalty and expand it for smaller crimes. clean up ct!

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