Restaurant employees thankful they could help purse-snatching victim

Andrzej Wiktorek helped track down a suspected purse snatcher in Middletown. (WFSB photo)

Two fast food restaurant employees said they are thankful they were able to help thwart a purse-snatching that happened earlier this week.

Monday night, Eyewitness News exclusively aired a story about a woman whose purse was stolen by a thief while she and her children were eating at a McDonald's in Middletown.

After hearing about what happened, Andrzej Wiktorek said he chased the suspect to a nearby hotel where he tackled him.

He kept him there until officers arrived.

Police said they had to give the suspect Narcan, a drug that reverses the effect of heroin.

The woman's purse was returned.

She later told Eyewitness News that she considered the Good Samaritan a hero.

Wiktorek, however, said he didn't feel like one.

"It make me feel good that I was able to help somebody," he said. "She has two little kids and that’s not something that I want anybody to go through.”

"Not like I was expecting any gratitude or anything," said Lahcen Rachem, McDonald's general manager. "I’m just happy everything is ok."

Police have not released the name of the suspect.

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