Fisher Meadows FarmAvon The Farmington River has breathed life into many towns over the decades. From commercial use to recreation, it’s a staple in the Connecticut landscape and it’s the centerpiece for a farm in the heart of Avon.Fisher Meadows Farm is 205 acres of lush fields, forests, and, of course, that all-important riverfront access. And here, a trio of trails explores each terrain depending on your mood.For me, my curiosity brought me to the river.Setting off from the farm’s main parking lot, I made my way into a thicket of trees following the red trail as I went. The path leads straight to the river before banking right to parallel the flow of the water.This time of year much of the trail is covered in fallen leaves. And, pretty as they may be, they did prove to be a bit slippery so close to the edge.The river’s water was racing at a decent clip, but with the impact of this year’s drought, levels looked a bit low. Still, it’s quite impressive how much river frontage this main trail provides. It appears water is a running theme at this park. And, each can be explored depending on the trail you choose.The red trail meets up with a large unmarked, gravel path that hikers can continue north for more riverfront views. But, I was curious about some of the other highlights the farm had in store.Taking that same path southeast, I came across an impressive building known as the Wellhouse. The structure was created as a way to access water to fight fires in the area. It overlooks yet another water source, too - Spring Lake.I found close to 100 water fowl using the lake as a runway – many of them landing and taking off whenever they please. The constant honking of Canadian Geese also acted as a backdrop following me on my trek around the lake.The path is also peppered with informational signs that reveal the history of the area and of the diverse habitats that thrive here. It made for interesting reading as I made my way back to the lot.Looking back, I can imagine how pretty the view from here can be at the height of fall or even after a winter snowfall. So, if you get a chance, take a little time to stop by and drink it all in.

Directions: Take I-84 W to exit 39 toward Farmington/CT-4. Continue onto State Highway 508 until it turns slightly right and becomes CT-4 W. Turn right onto CT-10 N. Turn left onto Old Farms Rd. Parking for the main lot is on the right.

Trail Distance: 2 miles

Trail Difficulty: Easy


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