ROCKY HILL, CT (WFSB) -- A Rocky Hill mom is fed up with her son being bullied at school has created an anti-bullying video on Facebook that has gone viral.

Christine Deziel said her son has been bullied so badly that he is afraid to go to school and he has been hospitalized twice because he has threatened to commit suicide.

The video shows Deziel telling the world through cue cards that her son is being bullied at Griswold Middle School.

She goes on in the video to list the name calling – “Retarded, stupid, unlovable, ugly and waste of space.”

Deziel ends by asking viewers to make the video viral to stop bullying.

In less than a week since its posting it has done just that with more than 82,000 views and over 3,000 people sharing it.

Many are parents from all over the state who say their children are bullied too.

“Same type of bullying in different areas. I got reached out to from Newington, New Haven, I mean every morning I wake up. I have messages on my Facebook messenger,” Deziel said.

She said the bullying began last year at Griswold Middle School by one particular student and has become so bad that her son has missed 26 days of school because she says he fears for his safety.

Last week, she filed a formal complaint with the school.

According to a letter from the vice principal provided by Diezel, “there was no verified act of bullying confirmed in the investigation.”

Diezel said she feels frustrated since she said it is one child’s word against another.

Channel 3 reached out to Superintendent of Schools Mark Zito, who said for legal reasons he could not discuss the specifics of this case, but did write in a statement “in any case where a student, parent or staff member reports an incident that could possibly constitute bullying, school administrators immediately investigate. It is critically important to note that even in cases where bullying is not verified, the school takes action to assist all students involved in the situation that gave rise to the complaint.”

The school has recommended various courses of action which include getting the involved students together to discuss the issue, but Deziel feels that is not enough and has chosen to go to social media because she says bullying appears to be on the rise in general.

Dr. Laura Saunders, a child psychologist with Hartford Hospital, said there may not necessarily be more bullying today than years past, but nowadays through social media we hear of it more.

She said while she is not involved in this case in particular, the important thing in general with bullying is for the kid being bullied to know what to do.

“When it’s true bullying, repeated and ongoing with a power differential, there needs to be more of a strategic plan in place to help the child address it and to let the bully know that this is unacceptable as well,” Saunders said.

Deziel said she hopes that, if anything comes out of this, is that parents will see the video and open up the dialogue with their kids about bullying.

To teach their kids not to be afraid to speak up to a parent or a teacher or anyone who can help.

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