(WFSB) - More than 30,000 people in Connecticut are legally certified to use medical marijuana.

State lawmakers may decide to allow recreational marijuana, which has created some confusion for employers and employees.

This is mainly because the federal government considers marijuana an illegal drug.

Right now, only patients are allowed to buy and use marijuana, but what about companies they work for?

Most have drug policies and testing.

People are trying to understand what the laws are and how they're protected.

Marijuana is legal in Connecticut, but only for those who have certain illnesses.

In order to buy it and use it people have to be screened by medical professionals.

"We expect and more often than not, more people are responsible than not with their use,” said Kebra Smith-Bolden, Cannahealth.

Kebra Smith-Bolden is a registered nurse. Her company Cannahealth does the screening, if someone has one of the identified illness with symptoms they can get a certificate.

Medical marijuana has made it difficult for employers and employees when it comes to workplace policies on substance abuse.

A roundtable discussion was held Tuesday at the Department of Labor.

Many companies are finding they need to revise their drug policies and fully understand what the laws are.

"A person still can't be impaired on the job so, the challenging part comes in when a person uses marijuana on the weekend,” said David Jaffe, VP of Construction Liability.

If you have a certificate for medical marijuana you are protected under state law.

That means a company can't discriminate against you.

A CT woman recently sued a company and won.

She was hoping the company would hire her, but she was not hired because she failed a drug test.

Smith-Bolden says there are many misconceptions when it comes to marijuana.

"I think there's a lot of confusion. Marijuana stays in your system for 30 days, but some people equate that with being high for 30 days,” said Smith-Bolden.

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