WASHINGTON (WFSB) - A member of Connecticut's congressional delegation introduced a state proposal on gun safety storage to members of Congress.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro brought Connecticut's Ethan's Law proposal to the federal stage.

She held a news conference on Tuesday morning, along with the parents of Ethan Song, Mike and Kristin, in Washington DC.

Ethan Song, of Guilford, accidentally shot and killed himself last year with a loaded handgun that was found at a friend's home.

Ethan's Law was crafted to set standards for safe gun storage. 

A version of it was recently approved by the House of Representatives on the state level. It still has to go through the state Senate and be signed by Gov. Ned Lamont.

It requires all firearms to be safely stored.

In addition to federal standards for safe gun storage, the federal version would also give states incentives to create and implement safe gun storage laws.

“What happened to Ethan Song was tragic. No parent should have to lose their child because of an unsecured gun, and that is what Ethan’s Law is about,” said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03). “I am proud to join Mike and Kristin Song, whose dedication and strength knows no bounds, in this fight. 4.6 million children live in homes with at least one gun that is loaded and unlocked. That means millions of kids are at risk to endure the same heartbreak. We cannot let that happen. Safe gun storage is a bipartisan issue on which we can all agree. And we must: our children’s lives depend on it.”

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Jules Winnfield

This old lady needs to retire and feed squirrels in the park. Responsible gun owners always have their weapons and ammo stored properly. Unless police are going to exist in a nanny state and inspect gun owner's homes daily (good luck with that!), this law is nothing more than an attention-getter for Rosa so people know what side of the soil she's still on. Unfortunately there's no practical way to enforce a law like that, and little to nothing will change as a result.

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