(WFSB) - New numbers show 14,000 children went to the emergency room between 2015 and 2017 after being injured in tip-over incidents involving furniture and TVs.

Some of those cases were deadly.

The incidents can be prevented if people take some extra steps to anchor the furniture to the wall or floor, safety officials said.

The new data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission also found that nearly 40 children are injured every day because of furniture tipping over.

Since the year 2000, hundreds of children have been killed.

“There is almost 30,000 people that go into the emergency room because of some mishap with furniture," said Lora Rae Anderson, communications director, DCP. "These can be small or these can be serious, but with the holiday season coming, we want consumers spend time with their families, celebrate the holidays and not go to the emergency room for something that could have been preventable.”

The CPSC encouraged parents to anchor and stabilize televisions, furniture and appliances to prevent such incidents.

Channel 3 spoke with the state Department of Consumer Protection.

It said most new furniture comes with a kit that includes a small metal piece with screws. The kit can be used to anchor the furniture to the wall in minutes.

"If you have old furniture, you can go to any furniture store and most online retailers, and purchase an anchoring kit for what it might cost you to buy a fancy coffee," Anderson said. "So it is something really easy to do and will only take you a couple of minutes."

The DCP also said it's important to check all surfaces to make sure nothing is wobbly.

"In addition to that, if you have furniture that you put together yourself, make sure you have used all the screws, so there are no loose pieces that could fall off if someone ran into them," Anderson said.

People should also keep remote controls, toys and other items that might attract children off of TV stands or furniture to make sure they're not climbing up to grab them.

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How many families have a CRT television today?

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