CONNECTICUT. (WFSB) - Freezing temperatures are expected to sweep throughout the state this weekend.

Starting Friday night through Saturday morning, a wind chill advisory is in effect throughout Connecticut.

Temperatures are expected to hit single digits with wind chills below zero.

United Way Senior Director of Marketing and Engagement Maura Cook said, “if you are struggling, if you need a warm place to go, if you need food or if you need access to shelter or if you are struggling with utilities call 211.”

The governor, on Friday, activated a severe cold weather protocol until Wednesday.

While in effect the state is coordinating with United Way 211 creating a network of warming centers.

“You can get a full list right on 211 website if you go to that website will allow you to search by your zip code and also see any eligibility requirements. Right now, it is looking like 30 available facilities across the state,” said Cook.

Southington Fire Department says if you are using heating alternatives there are some tips to keep in mind.

Southington Fire Department Lt. Christian Mastrianni said, “you should use heaters that are tagged with a UL listing—so underwriters' laboratories that means its tested and certified and they should be directly plugged into a wall outlet. Don’t plug them into extension cords.”

Space heaters should never be left on while sleeping or leaving the room.

“They should have a three ft space around them to avoid any combustible materials. They should be on a solid flat surface and out of an area of heavily traveled areas like hallways,” said Mastrianni.

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