Samsung Galaxy 7's recalled due to exploding batteries

Two weeks after the release of Samsung's new phone, they're being pulled from the shelves. (Samsung)

Samsung's Galaxy phones were a hit, until they became a hazard.

Now all Galaxy Note 7s are being pulled off the shelves after reports the batteries were exploding.

There have been more than 2.5 million sold worldwide and only 35 instances of the explosions.

However, the phones have only been out for two weeks, leaving consumers concerned.

"I've worked with batteries almost all my life and I never had any problems with them," said Gerald Hodgkins of Coventry.

The scale of the recall is the largest that Samsung has ever done.

Erik Semmel from Tab Computers said the kind of battery that comes with the phone, lithum ion, is very common.

"Every phone, you see them in Tesla cars, you see them in airplanes, in anything that has a need for a quality rechargeable battery," said Semmel.

There have been other lithium ion battery fires in the past.

"Hoverboards were lithium ion, the new Airbus airplane, it was supposed to the next big thing, it had a lithium ion battery issue," said Hodgkins.

University of Connecticut professor William Mustain said the problem may not be the type of battery, but rather Samsung.

"[Samsung] may have tried to cram too much energy into too small of a space, leading to overheating," said Mustain.

Best Buy issued a statement on the recall Friday.

"We have stopped selling the Samsung Note7. Customers can visit a Best Buy store to return or exchange their device, without a restocking fee. Customers will have the option to replace it with a new Note7 when they become available," said a spokesperson for the company.

Just a small fraction of Lithium Ion products have these problems. Experts said there's nothing to be done but hope that the consumer doesn't have a defective device.

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