HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- As students head back to class, there are a few things parents should be asking the school nurse regarding their child’s health and wellness.

The former president of the Association of School Nurses Chlo-Anne Bobrowski said school nurses spend their time making sure students are caught up on their health records, while sharing preventative tips with them.

The first tip for parents is to submit their child’s up-to-date immunization records and physical exam.

“So those have to be in to the office and reviewed by the school nurse prior to day one,” Bobrowski said.

Otherwise, the student may not be able to start school on the first day.

Another tip for parents is to understand when to take a sick day.

For fevers, children can return to school if they are fever-free without the help of medicine for 24 hours.

The 24-hour rule also applies to gastrointestinal issues.

A third tip is to get a flu shot.

“Usually, at the end of October, beginning of November, it takes about two weeks for your body to really start to produce antibodies against the flu virus,” Bobrowski said.

When it comes to being outdoors, Bobrowski said protecting your child's skin became easier thanks to a new state law.

Therefore, parents are urged to apply sunscreen.

“Kids 6 years old or older can bring and apply their own sunscreen with a parent’s note,” Bobrowski said.

If younger than 6, the child will need a doctor's note and will still need to bring their own sunblock.

The final tip may put a damper on fashion, but this school nurse says students should dress in layers when they alternate between heat and humidity weather outside and AC environments inside the school.

The same goes for wintertime clothing, and said children should ditch the shorts and dress appropriately.

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