School sports adapting to autumn heat

Fall sports are being impacted by the summer-like heat (WFSB)

The leaves may be starting to turn, but that was the only sign of fall around the state on Monday.

With temperatures reaching 90 degrees in some spots, summer just doesn't want to leave, and it's having an impact on local sports.

A boys’ soccer game in Rocky Hill was supposed to be at 3:45 p.m. on Monday, but it got moved to 6 p.m. because it was so hot and humid outside.

“You can get dehydrated very quickly in this weather doing any kind of sporting activity,” said Rich Seidman, Rocky Hill Athletics Director.

Practices and games weren’t canceled, but scaled back. The athletic director said the safety protocols that were stressed during the summer returned on Monday.

“All of our coaches go to pre-season meetings every year with what the league and the state where they talk about these things,” Seidman said.

The school adheres to the Korey Stringer Institute Guidelines that recognize and treat symptoms of heat fatigue in athletes.

Officials say reminders to go over proper hydration and rest were emailed to coaches, but now that the season is in full swing, coaches are seeing kids in better shape than they were during the summer, which helps when things get unseasonably hot.

“Kids are more conditioned than ever before, you have a lot of specialized training and kids are in very good shape, they know how to eat and drink properly the night before, and parents are very in tune with that as well,” Seidman said.

Safety is always the main priority, so coaches really stay on top of students, reminding them to drink water and check in with them throughout practice making sure they're okay.

They do say they are looking forward to the weekend cool down.

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