School will resume on Friday after students 'felt faint'

Neipsic Road in Glastonbury was closed after students fell ill at a school on Thursday. (WFSB)

A dozen students were sent to the hospital after they got sick from a "very hot room" at an elementary school in Glastonbury on Thursday morning.

Glastonbury Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alan Bookman said a number of students at Eastbury Elementary School "felt faint" around 10:35 a.m. Doctors said at least one student passed out.

"10:27 a.m. is when we got a fire alarm from the school and en route we learned there were multiple students who were not feeling well. Reported one maybe passed out," said Glastonbury Assistant Chief Tony Pagliughi.

The students were in a room practicing for a choir concert when some students passed out. Those students were taken away in ambulances.

The remaining students and staff were evacuated from the building, Bookman said. Students and staff were taken by bus over to Gideon Welles School where parents picked up their children, according to Bookman.

Bookman said it is believed that poor ventilation is to blame.

A hospital spokeswoman said 12 children were taken to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center where doctors determined they got sick from being in a hot room. The students were nauseous and vomiting, doctors said.

"Without good circulation, just like your car can heat up to over 130 degrees in a matter of minutes, so could a classroom without good circulation," said Dr. Steven Rogers, of Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

The students were evaluated for possible CO poisoning, but it was determined that was not the issue.

All the students have been discharged, the doctor said.

School will resume on Friday.

With the permission of her mom, fourth-grader Devin McHenry spoke with Eyewitness News on Thursday after not feeling well during chorus practice. She was rushed to Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

"I felt really dizzy and like when my teacher came over to me she could tell and I was really warm," McHenry said.

It wasn't just her either. She said some of her friends were sick too.

The school, which was not on lockdown, was closed for the day.

Bookman said parents of those students were contacted and an email was sent out to all parents.

"First-time situation that you don't ever want to be in but I think it was well done by the town of Glastonbury, police and the surrounding support," said Robert Harrison.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said it will be conducting air tests at the school to learn more about what happened on Thursday.

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