Schools create new menu to help students celebrate birthdays in classroom

Children and parents are not thrilled about school sanctioned birthday meals (WFSB)

A school system in Connecticut is banning outside snacks for celebrations including students' birthdays and asking them to buy items from their brand-new celebration menu.

This year, students at East Hampton's elementary schools will have to enjoy other types of treats on their birthdays.

"It's unfortunate for the children because they might want to celebrate their birthday with a cupcake or brownie just like the good old days," parent Rebecca Fagan said.

Cupcakes and brownies are out. The celebration menu options include fruit kabobs, vegetable cupcakes, cinnamon tortillas, frozen yogurt and fruit cups. They range in price from 75 cents to $1.25 per student.

The change is "to provide the safest environment in the classroom for students with food allergies and to promote a healthy lifestyle."

"I think those prices are outrageous and I don't even think they're child friendly," Lisa Marie Fontano, of East Hampton, said.

Some elementary students told Eyewitness News are willing to give it a shot.

"Frozen vanilla yogurt cup? I'd like that," Lily Cronin said.

Lilly's dad Tim said he supports the celebration menu too.

"This way they know that all of the food is healthier and there's not going to be a ton of sugar in the classroom," Tom Cronin said.

However, other parents told Eyewitness News they worry the prices are too steep. The most expensive items would cost $25 to feed a classroom of 20.

"If they can't pay for it, it does make it awkward for the rest of the parents at a school I would think," Fagan said.

If parents pick the cheapest items on the celebration menu it would cost $15 to feed 20 students. Like it or not the new rules start on the first day of school which is Sept. 6.

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