HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - As the estranged husband of a missing New Canaan mother headed to a probation meeting on Wednesday, the search for her continued.

Fotis Dulos posted his $500,000 bond on Tuesday, nearly three weeks after anyone had seen or heard from Jennifer Dulos.

The meeting happened at the Probation Department on Wawarme Avenue in Hartford at 8 a.m.

Since Fotis Dulos is fitted with GPS monitoring, the meeting was meant to discuss the conditions of his release, his attorneys said.

Before the meeting, he was seen jogging near his Farmington home. Afterwards, he was spotted renting a vehicle, as his is being used as evidence.

Eyewitness News also exclusively spoke with his legal team on Tuesday.

After he was released from jail on Tuesday, Eyewitness News cameras recorded him and a team of lawyers travel to Bridgeport Correctional Center to pick up some things.

Their next stop was Fotis Dulos' mansion on Jefferson Crossing in Farmington, where police have been searching for weeks in connection with the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos.

Dulos and an attorney then headed to a Residence Inn in Avon where his team told Ch. 3 he gathered some more belongings.

The inn was the same location that his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, stayed last week. They were also both arrested at that hotel on June 1.

Troconis also faced a judge on Tuesday.

Fotis Dulos briefly stopped at a People's United Bank and crossed the street to head into a grocery store in Avon.

He has been staying at the Farmington mansion on Jefferson Crossing, which is possibly where he'll spend the rest of his time while out on bond.

The search for Jennifer Dulos continues

It's been 19 days since Jennifer Dulos was last seen dropping her children off at school in New Canaan.

TIMELINE: Events surrounding New Canaan mom's disappearance

Investigators continue to search for clues at the MIRA trash facility in Hartford. State police were spotted there again on Wednesday morning.

Troopers and K9s were also seen at a new location on Wednesday, in a wooded area off Old Farms Road in Avon.

New Canaan police said state troopers were searching a body of water in the area.

On Dulos' business website, it references his family water-skiing at the Avon Old Farms Ski Club, which is where dive teams were searching on Wednesday.

According to divorce records, Jennifer said "My husband is obsessed with water-skiing and insists that the children must train to be world class water skiers."

She goes on to say "my husband has insisted that the children follow a rigorous 'training' schedule that is both dangerous and excessive."

The search for Jennifer has spanned several towns, including New Canaan, Farmington, Hartford, Avon, and even New York.

Jennifer Dulos' friends and family released a statement on Tuesday.

"We must not lose sight of the enormous human cost of this tragedy," they said. "Jennifer's five children have not seen their mom in more than two weeks."

'Not guilty' pleas

Both Fotis Dulos and Troconis pleaded "not guilty" to evidence tampering and hindering prosecution charges during Tuesday's court appearances.

See their appearances here.

Troconis had her travel restricted by the judge.

New evidence presented by prosecutors in court placed Fotis Dulos at what they called the crime scene, the home Jennifer Dulos was renting in New Canaan.

They said a mixture of Fotis Dulos' and Jennifer Dulos' blood was found on a kitchen faucet.

They said Fotis Dulos was at the home two days before the mother's reported disappearance, which police said was on May 24.

However, Fotis Dulos' attorney, Norm Pattis, said his client has an alibi and was not in New Canaan that day. 

"I would ask everyone to put aside the easy narrative here, that 'an angry ex-spouse took matters into his own hands to resolve a custody dispute,'" Pattis said. "That didn't happen. Having said that, I don't know what happened."

Before Fotis Dulos posted his bond, his defense team had to find his passport, which he surrendered as part of the conditions of his bond.

Since a plea for information, New Canaan police said Wednesday they have received 475 tips from all over the U.S. and Australia. They also received 80 surveillance video.

Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to contact New Canaan police at 203-594-3544.

They also created a website dedicated to finding Jennifer Dulos. It can be found here.

Tips and info can also be emailed in to FindJenniferDulos@newcanaanct.gov.

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(5) comments


Another day has gone by and now searching a totally different area. Do the police system really have any idea of what really happened or where she is. I see cameras on almost every traffic light and a lot around major roads in the state do they have any linking him to the area around her home on the 24th? And even without using cell phone data when he was home before his arrest should be able to go through videos on traffic lights and roads to get a good idea where he was around to search for Jennifer. Are you sure they didn't use his girlfriends vehicle to dispose of her. The girlfriend looks like a druggie so I would not expect much from her especially since I believe she is more involved than some people think. All I can say is anyone else that was going to go into Jennifer's house and kill her would not spend the time cleaning up the place so good, in most home invasions, murders, robberies if the person gets killed they leave them there, blood and mess. they don't clean up. It is very upsetting to see Fotis's girlfriend and him walking and shopping, jogging etc and laughing and smiling. While this poor woman Jennifer Dulos is just either dumped somewhere, thrown in water somewhere or even dismembered. She is the one that deserves to be found and laid to rest properly not discarded like a piece of junk. And any female accused of the things that Michelle is accused of would be devastated and so upset I have not seen her show any emotions at all even with the thought of thinking of her own daughter. She looks heartless and like she is a gold digger and that all besides a druggie. And of course Fotis is going to say how much he loves Michelle otherwise she might turn on him and tell the truth, but I doubt that cause she is involved too. POOR Jennifer out there all alone somewhere I am hoping she will be found soon.


Well lets hope that the DNA they got off these 2 criminals will pan out and the additional evidence they collected at Jennifer's house that they say they have will have one or both of their DNA's on it. Cause there was no reason at all if Michelle's DNA on things. And even Fotis if they having cleaners in bottles with his DNA that a big No No! I wonder where they got this tip now in Avon off Old Farms Rd where did that come from. Although in the area of his house and the hotels they like to stay at. Something in this case has to back, I am sick of seeing them walking around free, while who knows what was done to Jennifer's body and the pain she suffered. And now Fotis even acting so nice to everyone and smiling happy that is disgusting.


Great, not one, but now two suspects free on bond, plus the other pending murder trial out of Ellington, CT for similar scenerio, wtf people, you actually thought and reasoned with yourself you could get away with it??? um, not likely, but grab the popcorn, if O.J. got off, anything is possible.


It is so funny that if this situation was anything else but a murder you would have to laugh. The way his legal team is trying to make him look like the everyday person and dad he is far from it. And this case could not be more premeditated then this, he planned to attack her when she returned from dropping kids off, he cleaned up the place, and he has a alibi that is a bunch of bologna he could have been making calls from burner phone or used a burner phone to transfer to his phone like he was home. And no one saw him except the other guilty partner Michelle. He changed his license plates, and now have his DNA with her blood on sink, and why if you are innocent would you be throwing out trash bags in Hartford with her blood all over them and clothes with blood and cleaning materials with blood. Plus I don't know if many people noticed but in his prior photos before this happened his hair was normal cut, then when they arrested look like he shaved head a couple days before was that planned too so very little hair evidence in case she tried to pull some hair, and now growing it out again. And if his girlfriend was not involved at all why doesn't she say anything. A normal person would be crying about it and screaming they are innocent. Her being so quiet means she was involved. And what did she do last Friday didn't help case at all. Leading cops on a wild goose chase in the backyard I don't see that they have found anything back there. Yes we should feel sorry for the kids but so many woman are killed from a partner because of domestic violence please everyone don't forget about Jennifer, the pain she suffered during this attack that took her life. All the pain he put her through with his lies she is unstable that is the typical man excuse to use. And now her body somewhere where she can't even be buried with a proper burial. I don't know this family personally but I can feel their pain. Hopefully she will be found soon one way or another. God please help Jennifer and her family.


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