Second parent speaks out after child left on Stafford bus

The pre-schooler was left alone on a bus for more than an hour after school was let out. (WFSB)

A child was left alone on a Stafford school bus Thursday, and one parent says this is not the only incident.

The pre-schooler was left alone on a bus for more than an hour after school was let out.

Police said the driver was back at his home and oblivious to his mistake by the time the boy was found.

Another Stafford mother said she is furious that the school also allowed her son to go missing.

"Bus drivers need to be aware of what students are on their bus, when, and where they need to go," said the mother, who didn't want to be identified.

The incident occurred in September, when her child was enrolled as a student in the morning pre-school program.

There is a morning and afternoon session.

Normally when her son is dropped off, afternoon children board, so there's a constant flow of children exiting and entering the bus.

On that day, the mother waited for a bus that would never show.

"I didn't think anything of it, I thought maybe they're running late, there's construction..." she said.

However, it wasn't a traffic problem. She said the bus simply didn't show up to drop her son off.

The bus went back to the school with the students in the afternoon session.

"When he got back to the school, he thought it was a new day, let's start all over again," said the mother.

Fortunately, the boy was okay.

The mother blamed M&J bus drivers for not accounting for all the children on the bus.

"All I was told was that the bus driver driving my son would be put on probation, she'd be retrained and she would have a monitor for two weeks," said the mother.

She's unsure if the female driver in her incident was the same driver in this week's case. That driver will most likely face an arrest.

"You're putting your child's life in someone else's hands. Not only in the vehicle, but when they go to school and I would like to know the best people are taking care of my children," she said.

The mother went to the police but was told she could not press charges because although her child was unaccounted for, he was not left alone.

M&J Buses did not respond to our request for comment.

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