Self-defense instructor offers free classes for teachers after Florida shooting


While debate continues over arming teachers, one local self-defense instructor is offering them free lessons.

Krav Maga training is about self-defense, but it focuses on hand to hand training.

The scenarios being played out at Anytime Fitness in Colchester are morbid, but they’re prompted by real-life events.

“It’s about survival and getting away,” said Jared Weiner, owner Anytime Fitness.

Jared Weiner is the instructor and owner at Anytime Fitness in Colchester. On Monday night, Jared showed a situation where he had a mock gun to his head and he disarms the attacker in about one-fifth of a second.

Weiner was motivated by the recent school shootings to get teachers around the state to be on this level.

“Everybody said we go to do something, well, I said I have all these skills I’ve been taught, I’m going to start giving it away,” Weiner said.

So, he offered teachers free lessons.

Trisha Seeley is a 9th and 10th grade teacher at East Hampton High School and she jumped at the chance.

“Just the thought of one of them being hurt is very disturbing. It absolutely motivated me to say I will try this self defense class,” Seeley said.

Monday’s class was just Seeley’s second class. They learned disarming a gunman at close range. In fact, many of Weiner’s lessons will address real-life scenarios that teachers may face.

“It’s hide, run, fight. If you get to the point where it’s fight, I want you to have some skills,” Weiner said.

“As an educator, it wouldn’t hurt to learn some methods myself,” Seeley said.

Seeley said what Weiner is teaching goes above and beyond the rigorous training East Hampton administrators go through, but her students won’t be surprised to see this is what she’s doing with her Monday nights.

“When it comes to keeping people I care about, my students safe, there’s no wall too high,” Seeley said.

Weiner is offering the free training for teachers on Monday and Wednesday nights.

For more information on the classes, you can head to their Facebook page here.

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