HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Senate Democrats outline their agenda for the upcoming special legislative session, which includes police reforms.

The Democrats, led by the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, laid out a massive plan to address systemic racism, not just in policing, but in housing, education, health care, even economic opportunities.

Leaders say it’s time to finally address the problems, and hope to capitalize on the current momentum, which escalated after George Floyd was killed on May 25 by a Minneapolis police office.

Senate Democrats want to ban chokeholds, but they also want to ban ‘no know’ warrants. That's what proceeded Louisville police shooting and killing Breonna Taylor on March 13 while she was sleeping. They want to decertify police officers convicted of excessive use of force, and they want better training. These are just some of the issues brought up, but leaders said they also want to see more support for black-owned businesses and opportunities for black workers.

They want to improve access to better health care for African Americans. They want to change zoning laws for black affordable housing in suburbs. And they want more education on black, Hispanic, and Native American history.

In a statement on Friday, Gov. Ned Lamont said “I plan on calling the General Assembly into special session during the month of July to address the issues of police accountability and expanding access to absentee ballots. There’s still more that we need to do in addition to those issues to address the complex and difficult problems of racial and economic inequality. I look forward to working with legislators and other stakeholders on those issues during the next regular session.”

There is no word yet from House Democrats or from Republicans on where they stand on this.

Senate President Martin Looney said the plan is for a special session sometime in July. Talks are ongoing about how that would work.

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