HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- While tolls have captured a lot of attention, Democrats say they're also focused on healthcare.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats put forth priorities for the upcoming legislative session, which starts in two weeks.

Senate Democrats are calling their agenda "A Healthy Connecticut," and it's all about giving people more options and controlling costs.

"What we have seen since 2012 is a significant increase in the cost of insulin,” said Democratic Senate President Martin Looney.

Democrats would like to see a cap so that no diabetic would pay more than $100 a month, and that patients would be able to easily access emergency supplies.

They also want to reduce prescription drug costs. The AARP said the average senior takes at least four medications.

"When the cost of some of these medications is $300, $400, $500, that's most of somebody's social security check,” said Anna Doroghazi, of the AARP.

Another priority is a public option, which would be for businesses and residents who could buy-in to a state public health care plan. This was introduced last year, but it was complicated and some of the details came out late in the session.

"People come up to me and say ‘Senator Lesser, you have great healthcare why not let others buy what you have’,” said Democratic State Senator Matt Lesser.

Republicans are raising raise concerns.

The Senate minority leader said "A public option could move our state closer to substandard coverage. It also could threaten thousands of middle-class jobs in the insurance industry right here in Connecticut."

Recreational marijuana is not part of this agenda, but it is something Democrats have supported.

However, new research shows smoking pot can cause an abnormal heart rhythm, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. That same study also found marijuana can interfere with certain medications.

"Right now, it’s available on the street in Connecticut and you can drive across the border in Massachusetts, and the governors in New York and Rhode Island are looking to legalize it, possibly New Jersey, so the question is are we going to regulate it or not,” Lesser said.

Democrats said they're concerned about protecting the Affordable Care Act, which affects well over 300,000 patients in the state, as well as protecting the environment, taking a stand against PFAS chemicals which pollute our drinking water.

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